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Frequently asked questions



Q - Do the planters have drainage holes?


  A - Yes, all of our exterior planters have pre-drilled drainage holes. If you would like a planter with extra holes for increased drainage just let us know. Our interior pots do not have drainage holes.



 Q - How long will my order take to deliver?


 A - Delivery times will be dependant upon demand however we endeavour to have every order dispatched within 7 - 10 days. Our manufacturing process is spread over a number of days, once your planter is made we allow them to "settle" for 48hrs before painting them. This is because the timber may expand or contract. We then allow at least 4 hours drying time between applications of each coat of paint



 Q - What sort of plants are best suited to these planters?


 A - A wide variety to put it simply. Our shallow one tier planters are ideal for bedding plants, wildflowers or alpines and our bigger, deeper planters are great for plants such as Buxus or Begonia and trees such as Bay, Olive, Maple or Palm Trees.



 Q - Are the bases positioned at the bottom on all planters? 


 A - No,  any planter that is 3 tiers high will have the base positioned above the first tier. This is because we find the majority of our customers do not need the full depth of soil in a taller planter. However if you would like us to position the base at the bottom we can do that at no extra cost. Contact us to discuss any special requirements you may have. We are always happy to talk to our customers.



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